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the wake EMILY ASH age 20 Vocals, guitar JONAS WILSON age 20 Lead guitar , keyboards AARON PEARSON age 21 Bass Guitar. JAMIE CONE age 22 Drums and percusion. The band is from san marcos texas. Emily ash: has come from a long line musicians and artist she has been playing acoustic shows for many years. She is originally from san marcos. Jonas wilson: was a young blues guitar player since he was 13 years old. He has been featured in such magzines a vintage guitar and south texas entertainment magazine and has toured europe.He is currently a producer and sound engineer plays on several records as a session guitar player. He is originally from victoria Tx. Aaron pearson: also from victoria grew up high school friend and musician with jonas. Aaron was playing in several punk bands as guitar player and singer. The dirty bluesman and half pint were his former bands. very well known in the victoria punk scene. Jonas and aaron reunited when aaron asked jonas to produce his band half pint. later jonas and aaron started writing songs together this would be the birth of the wake. later jonas and emily started to write songs also. this was the birth of the wake. Jamie Cone:originaly from zapata tx. was another from a family rich with artistic history. coming from generations of artist he excelled at music focused on drums jamie played music with his brother. jonas and jamie met at a local coffee shop which spawned some jam sessions making jamie the first pick for drummer when the wake was formed.